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My Hormone Journey

As long as I can remember, I've felt the extreme pain of cramping and migraines with my period. I questioned whether this was normal... was I just a wimp with low pain tolerance? Was it supposed to be this way? but after having to miss school multiple months in a row, I went to my primary care doctor. Without any testing, she prescribed me birth control and pain killers, stating this will help with regulating my cycles and reducing the pain.

The daily pill gave me relief, I never even needed the pain killers, so I didn't think twice when I'd lost my period completely. Honestly, it was nice not having to worry about it. After three years without a cycle, my doctors showed no concern. I pushed for more information, thinking this couldn't be normal. They had me try different types of oral contraceptives, increasing the hormone level each time with no success. Still, the professionals I trusted showed no concern.

When I spent a summer abroad, I didn't think ahead to my prescription running out. I started feeling better right away, in a way I couldn't describe... I just felt more like myself again. It took a while for my period to come back, but it did, and along with it came the cramping and migraines. It was during this time that I started noticing how hard I had to work to manage my weight, adding to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Refusing to be put back on birth control, it took me a while to bring it to a provider. This time, I went to a naturopath in Oregon. She had my hormone levels checked, which showed that I was experiencing estrogen dominance. This was likely due to being on birth control for so long, suppressing my ovaries ability to make enough progesterone.

Through many lifestyle changes over time, things started to improve. The pain isn't fully resolved yet, but it's much more manageable – and it's closely linked to my lifestyle choices that month prior. My acne is improving, I have more energy, less bloating, and my migraines are very rare. The changes I made in diet and lifestyle were nothing crazy (besides temporarily cutting out caffeine, that was tough for this coffee lover). Long story short, I found relief through learning what my body needs – such as balancing my blood sugar, fueling properly, managing my stress, and focusing on sleep and hydration. It's estimated that 75% of women suffer from hormone imbalance, and I'm passionate about helping others like me find relief and get their life back.

I would love to hear your story and see if I can help you find the same relief!

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