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Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist?

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In today's world, there are nutrition experts everywhere. There are many different credentials, two of the most common being nutritionist and dietitian, so let's explore the differences:


  • Anyone can call themself a nutritionist because it is not a nationally regulated term. Since there are no national regulations around requirements to be a nutritionist, they cannot legally diagnose or treat medical conditions. There are ways for nutritionists to be credentialed, so if you're working with a nutritionist, look for licensures that prove they have a level of studying or supervised practice - such as BCNS or CNCB.

Registered Dietitian:

Registered Dietitians are regulated by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, as well as state authorities. In order to provide dietitian services, the RD must complete the following:

  • a four year degree in nutrition or dietetics

  • obtain 1200 hours of supervised practice

  • pass a national exam

  • complete ongoing continuing education

  • obtain state licensures


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